Arija iPhone GridView

 Arijasoft has developed a static library using which developers can provide grid type of view(the one present in the main screen of iPhone) in an application. This enables the end users to choose between a number of visually pleasing buttons rather than scrolling table view items.

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Screen shot can be like this


where to download?

You can download the sample application with library from here

Limitation: The minimum SDK is iPhone 3.1 for this library to work.


The version with iPhone SDK 3.0 can be downloaded from here

NOTE: The library is kept for expiration as on 01 november 2011.  Please contact us for full version of the library.


Edit: The newer version of the library is released. The expiry date extended till november 01 2011.


You can download the SDK 3.0 version from here

Documentation provided in the project simpleLibApp.

How to download and use:

1. Download and extract the zip file containing lib, include and the simpleLibApp application.

2. Run the simpleLibApp application.

To include into your project,

1. Set another linker flag -larijagrid

2. Library path to  be set to the corresponding library.

3. Implement the ViewController as GridView and implement the delegate methods as required.

4. The file ArijasoftGrid.h contains all the classes and methods exported.